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Circuit breaker timer

Circuit Breaker Timers
Capture Trip, Close and Bounce Times,
120VAC/125VDC Power Supply To Operate Breaker Outside of Cubicle,
Breaker Trip and Close Switching, and Cable Sets
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circuit breaker timer CBT-1203 front panel  
The CBT-1203 Circuit Breaker Timer
confirms proper breaker speed and clearing times as part of a maintenance program or arc-flash validation study. The test set performs three-phase timing tests, charges spring-charged circuit breakers, opens/trips and closes breakers, and captures and stores millisecond trip and close times and duration of contact bounce.

CBT-1203 Circuit Breaker Timer
  • Operate and interact with all types of
     circuit breakers

  • Digital timer captures breaker trip,
     close and bounce times

  • Integrates variable 120 VAC/125 VDC power supply
    for charging breakers outside of cubicles

  • Distributes other voltages from an external
    variable power supply

  • Switching to open/trip and close a breaker

  • Breaker switching controls and custom
    breaker specific operation plugs
    provide simple, fast connection to the breaker

  • Large back-lit LCD display viewable in
    sunlight and low-light conditions

CBT-1203 Circuit Breaker Timer
CBT-1203 Circuit Breaker Timer
CBT-1201 circuit breaker timer in use
  This is a self-contained, multi-use test set designed to operate and interact with all types of circuit breakers. Incorporating a digital timer to capture and store trip/open, close and bounce times, it can store test results in its internal memory.

It is a portable unit with an integrated variable power supply (120 VAC/120 VDC) for charging spring-charged circuit breakers outside of cubicles and switching to trip and close the breaker. Also included are provisions to accept and distribute other voltages from an external variable power supply.

Included is a unique, pre-wired, universal 12-foot cable assembly, which provides simple, fast connection to the circuit breaker under test. In addition to a universal cable set, the CBT-1203 can be provided with custom breaker-specific operation plugs to further simplify connection to the breaker.

            universal, cable set for connecting circuit breaker timer interface unit to circuit breaker under test
Contact cable
            CBT 1203 control power cable
Control/power cable
            universal circuit breaker cable set
Universal cable set
            circuit breaker contact clamps
Contact clamps

breaker specific operation plugs for CBT-1202 circuit breaker timer
       Optional breaker-specific operation plugs for fast and easy setup

The charging power supply and breaker trip/open and close switching of this circuit breaker timer are frequently used when working on a breaker even when the timer function is not required.

Compact, lightweight, and rugged, the CBT-1203 circuit breaker timer is ideally suited for both field and shop use.


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